Smarter Solutions has a unique breadth and depth knowledge and experience in the payments domain, working together with stakeholders, including financial institutions, payment processors, bank corporates, fintechs, small businesses, public sector organisations and special interest groups.

Our expertise covers end to end product, operations, management of outsourced third party service providers, risk and compliance, industry participation and strong relationships with regulatory and industry bodies.


Alan is a payments industry professional with over 30 years of product, development, operational, audit, compliance and risk experience. Arising from various aspects of project program roll-outs including but not limited to:

  • Product, project and program strategies
  • Program Director and Manager of Business and Technical development and implementation projects, Products, Payment and Compliance frameworks for financial institutions, software services providers, start ups, and other payment industry participants.
  • Day to Day business, transaction processing operations and management
  • Third Party Service Provider and payment industry participation management and portfolio senior management.

As a highly regarded and sought after industry reference, influencer and employer representative within the Australian Payments Industry. Alan’s involvement has been as part of industry initiatives on behalf of his employers or sponsored clients covering:

  • Negotiation and implementation with participating institutions and major card schemes interchange links as a new payment services processor switch and settlement agent provider.
  • Industry technical infrastructure and operations, data security, new product development, business operations and compliance certification regulations, standards and requirements.
  • New Payments, ATM and EFT/POS rollout, Card Schemes products and settlements in Australia. Examples include the direct development and implementation of:

o The EFT Code of Conduct/Payments Code
o First global use of Card Verification Values
o First Australian implementation of ATM/POS Card PAN truncation
o First Financial institution EMV contactless and Prepaid Cards products
o BPAY Industry Compliance program
o First Financial institution electronic files exchange settlement with RBA
o Verified by Visa in Australia

Alan was an initiator and inaugural Chairman (2013 and 2014) of the National PCIDSS Group comprising the major banking financial institutions and Non-Bank Financial institution (NBFI) sponsoring Industry Bodies. Alan was also been a long time active member of:

  • Visa and MasterCard Operations Management committee and new product development project teams
  • Australasian Payment Card Industry Acquiring management committee
  • BPAY Management Committee and Risk and Compliance Committee
  • Australian Payments Clearing Association Chequeing, Bulk Entry, ATM/POS and High Value Clearing Management Committees, Standards and Expert Advisory Groups
  • EFTPOS Australia Limited establishment, standards/compliance groups and Management Committees.

Alan has directly managed not just formal representation, but the industry relations and issues management with regulatory bodies, third party service providers, fellow industry participants, and sponsored clients.